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The ultimate organic cleaning - polishing - moisturizing formula for all guitars and other musical instruments. Do the entire instrument (fretboard headstock front. sides back pick guards). Lubes and restores strings and strap locks. Used by Professionals Worldwide. Comes in a generous 4 oz oval shaped bottle with an applicator flip top cap. Helps prevent fret oxidation. Pleasant Fragrance. Not an aerosol spray - safe for the ozone. Full directions on the back of the bottle with the above logo printed on the front. Cleans and lubes bridge saddles and fine tuners on locking tremolo systems. Lubes tuning machine knobs and posts. Unsurpassed as a raw wood conditioner. A must to protect your instrument in all climates - dry or humid. Compliments and enhances the natural beauty of your instrument. This is the safest musical instrument cleaning-polishing-moisturizing formula in the World! Very friendly to delicate VINTAGE finishes as well as all modern instruments.

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