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This release in the Heroes of the Blues series is the only true cross-licensed best-of package for Son House • A complete career retrospective, covering all periods of his career and various record labels • Transcribed directly from Paramount 78's and completely restored and re-mastered • Original cover art by R. Crumb

About the Artist

Son House's place, not only in the history of Delta blues, but in the overall history of the music, is a very high one indeed. He was a major innovator of the Delta style, along with his playing partners Charley Patton and Willie Brown. Few listening experiences in the blues are as intense as hearing one of Son House's original 1930s recordings for the Paramount label. Decades later listeners are still awestruck by the emotional fervor House put into his singing and slide playing. Little wonder then, that the man became more than just an influence on some White English kid with a big amp; he was the main source of inspiration to both Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson, and it doesn't get much more pivotal than that.

Track List:

1. My Black Mama Part 1

2. Walking Blues (Unissued Test)
3. Dry Spell Blues
4. Country Farm Blues
5. Levee Camp Blues
6. Walking Blues
7. Shetland Pony Blues
8. Delta Blues
9. Special Rider Blues
10. Depot Blues
11. American Defense
12. Am I Right Or Wrong
13. Walking Blues (Death Letter)
14. Grinnin' In Your Face
15. Empire State Express
16. John The Revelator
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