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The last two - studio LPs from Jefferson Airplane before the band's initial grounding... Bark & Long John Silver have been out-of-print & hard to obtain for years. Now available as a double CD, brought to you by the British label - Acadia. These two CDs will help complete your Jefferson Airplane Flight Log.

1). When The Earth Again
2). Feel So Good
3). Crazy Miranda
4). Pretty As You Feel
5). Wild Turkey
6). Law Man
7). Rock And Roll Island
8). Third Week In The Chelsea
9). Never Argue With A German If Your Tired Or European Song
10). Thunk
11). War Movie

Long John Silver
1). Long John Silver
2). Aerie (Gang Of Eagles)
3). Twilight Double Leader
4). Mike Train
5). The Son Of Jesus
6). Easter
7). Triel By Fire
8). Alexander The Meduim
9). Eat Starch Mom

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