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Description copied from SpencerBohren.com - "Spencer Bohren's lifelong interest in America's musical history comes full circle with Southern Cross. In his capable hands, a variety of stringed instruments breathes life into a cornucopia of traditional blues, gospel, country, and rhythm 'n' blues songs. His original pieces fit so seamlessly into the tradition that one must look at the liner notes to identify them, and the comfortable pace and depth of performance make it his most mature effort to date. From the powerfully evocative lapsteel intro of "People Get Ready" to the lonesome frailed banjo of his own "East Kentucky Coaldust," Spencer takes the listener on a sublime and unforgettable musical journey."


Track List:

1. People Get Ready 5:43

2. Goin' Down the Bayou 4:43

3. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 6:17

4.  Blues Stay Away From Me 3:56

5.  Wake Me, Shake Me 1:59

6. Long Black Veil 5:38

7.East Kentucky Coaldust 5:01

8. I'll Be Around 3:40

9. Parchman 3:29

10. Workin' On A Building 5:34

11.  Lost Highway 3:51

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