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Ma Rainey isn't just a "Hero of the Blues"-she's the "Mother of the Blues!" And here are 16 key sides, including Bo Weavil Blues; See See Ryder; Oh Papa; Jealous Hearted Blues; Yonder Comes the Blues; Don't Fish in My Sea; Hear Me Talkin' to You , and more.

About the Artist

Ma Rainey wasn't the first blues singer to make records, but by all rights she probably should have been. In an era when women were the marquee names in blues, Ma Rainey was once the most celebrated of all — the "Mother of the Blues" had been singing the music for more than 20 years before she made her recording debut (Paramount, 1923). With the advent of blues records, she became even more influential, immortalizing such songs as "See See Rider," "Bo-Weavil Blues," and "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom." Like the other classic blues divas, she had a repertoire of pop and minstrel songs as well as blues, but she maintained a heavier, tougher vocal delivery than the cabaret blues singers who followed. Ma Rainey's records featured her with jug bands, guitar duos, and bluesmen such as Tampa Red and Blind Blake, in addition to the more customary horns-and-piano jazz-band accompaniment (occasionally including such luminaries as Louis Armstrong, Kid Ory, and Fletcher Henderson).


Track List:

1. Jealous Hearted Blues

2. Prove It On Me Blues

3. Hear Me Talkin’ To You

4. Walking Blues

5. Bo Weavil Blues

6. Mountain Jack Blues

7. Those All Night Blues

8. Grievin’ Hearted Blues

9. See See Ryder

10. Oh Papa

11. Yonder Comes The Blues

12. Blues Oh Blues

13. Seeking Blues

14. Don’t Fish In My Sea

15. New Bo Weavil Blues

16. Black Eye Blues

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