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Ernie Hawkins uses the amazing C-A-G-E-D System when playing his specialty – blues and ragtime tunes in alternate-thumb fingerpicking style. This way of looking at the instrument enables him to have instant access to the guitar’s entire fretboard.

On this third lesson, Ernie helps you explore blues melodies as they move up into the highest reaches of the fingerboard. He shows you the chord shapes, notes and licks in every position, and passes along valuable ideas that will bring the guitar into clearer focus for every style you play.

Building on the 12-bar progressions you already know, Ernie adds passing formations to link one chord to another in a variety of keys, and creates a beautiful blues guitar solo reminiscent of and other classic 12-bar compositions.

A popular ragtime progression (often called “the circle of fifths”) brings you to another level in your understanding of chord structure. Ernie works through the famous Blind Blake song , creating a great fingerpicking arrangement for this enduring classic.

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