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The revolution began in the 1950's and it was televised. Artists like Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly appeared on prime time, jolting the well-groomed homes of white Americans with their interpretations of black music, while the real stuff - Lightnin' Hopkins and Chuck Berry - infested suburbia through records, assailing young kids like Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady in the musical jugular. The Delta Blues sound spawned Hot Tuna; a three decade wonder band with one of the most faithful audiences in popular music, spanning 25 years and a prodigious recording longevity.

In December of 1994 Hot Tuna travelled to San Francisco and put on their electric instruments to play a concert at the legendary Fillmore auditorium. It was a homecoming and the night had the atmosphere and electricity of a very special and unique occasion. Fortunately the moment was captured by a camera crew. This DVD brings all the excitement and power of that night.

Tracks: Ode For Billy Dean - Do Not Go Gentle - Candy Man - Good Shepherd - Ice Age - Wavy Gravy Blues - I See The Light - Third Week In The Chelsea - 99 Year Blues - Water Song - My AK47 - Hit Single #1 - Junkies On Angel Dust

BONUS: Reminiscing with Jorma and Jack Backstage at the Fillmore

Jorma Kaukonen - guitar and vocals
Jack Casady: bass
Michael Falzarano: guitar and vocals
Pete Sears: keyboards
Harvey Sorgen: drums

Running Time: 108 minutes
Cover photos: Barry Berenson
Produced and Directed by Jesse Block

2005 Vestapol Productions

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