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Digitally remastered two-fer containing a pair of Chess Records albums from the Blues great: 1966's Muddy, Brass And the Blues and 1973's Can't Get No Grindin'. Muddy, Brass And the Blues was a massive undertaking in direction which a couple of years later John Mayall. Copied on his Crusade album. BGO.


Muddy, Brass And The Blues

1. Corine,Corine

2. Piney Brown Blues

3. Black Night

4. Trouble In Mind

5. Going Back To Memphis

6. Betty And Dupree

7. Sweet Little Angel

8. Take My Advice

9. Trouble

10. Hard Loser


Can't Get No Grindin

11. Can't Get No Grindin' (What's The Matter With The Meal)

12. Mother's Bad Luck Child

13. Funky Butt

14. Sad Letter

15. Someday I'm Gonna Ketch You

16. Love Weapon

17. Garbage Man

18. After Hours

19. Whiskey Ain't No Good

20. Muddy Water's Shuffle



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