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~~Few blues partnerships were ever as successful and satisfying as the union of Sonny Terry's down-home harmonica work and Brownie McGhee's polished guitar lines. This generous, 18-tune live session catches the late acoustic blues brothers in their physical prime and at their musical best, rolling through an energetic set of conversational blues with casual virtuosity and seemingly telepathic interplay. Terry, a stone-cold traditionalist, contributes a raw-boned, backwoods feel with his heavily textured singing and harp solos while the modern McGhee's smooth vocals and clean picking provide a perfectly compatible counterpoint and complement. Either artist could carry the show by himself, but when the divergent styles musically intertwine they create a wonderful blues synthesis unlike any other the blues has known. The dynamic duo jumps right in with a reconfigured rendition of "Sittin' on Top of the World" and doesn't let up until the end. With Terry whooping and hollering between harp breaks and McGhee opening songs with comic asides the session is an unusually personable one. It's all undeniably authentic and eminently enjoyable, as well as positive blues proof that on very rare and fortunate occasions the whole is much greater than just the sum of the two parts. --Michael Point


Track List:

1. Climbin' On Top Of The Hill (live at Sugar Hill)

2. Louise (live at Sugar Hill)

3. My Father's Words (live at Sugar Hill)

4. Backwater Blues (live at Sugar Hill)

5. Wine Headed Woman (live at Sugar Hill)

6. Careless Love (live at Sugar Hill)

7. Playing With The Blues (live at Sugar Hill)

8. I Can't Sleep At Night (live at Sugar Hill)

9. My Baby's Leavin' (live at Sugar Hill)

10. Lose Your Money (live at Sugar Hill)

11. Jet Plane Blues (live at Sugar Hill)

12. Rainy Day (live at Sugar Hill)

13. I'm A Stranger (live at Sugar Hill)

14. Women On My String (live at Sugar Hill)

15. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer (live at Sugar Hill)

16. Key To The Highway (live at Sugar Hill)

17. You'd Better Mind (live at Sugar Hill)

18. Walk On (live at Sugar Hill)



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