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The Manuscript Book is a 64 page book of blank staves for musical composition. Each page has 12 staves and is perforated for easy tear out. It's printed on high quality opaque paper with an eye catching cover. This is a convenient and useful notebook for writing down your own sheet music in standard notation.


About the Author

Peter started playing guitar in 2nd grade and very quickly realized his calling. He played in several bands through his years at Okemos High, and proceeded to study classical guitar in college at the University of Ga. under the tutelage of John Sutherland. After receiving his undergraduate degree in Classical Guitar Performance Peter continued with his studies on a assistantship at James Madison University. While there he taught classes as large as 110 people at both James Madison and Mary Baldwin College. Peter moved back to Georgia and began playing the club circuit in Atlanta as a soloist and with a multitude of bands. He also founded and managed several schools of guitar including the Guitar Learning Center. During this time Peter produced many products for Cassette and Video such as The Guitarist s Chord Book, The Guitarist s Scale Book, The Guitarist s Intro to Blues, The Guitarist s Intro to Rock, The Guitarist s Tablature Book, and the Let s Jam Series. In the 90 s Peter met Jan Smith and began to play with the Jan Smith Band performing on several of her CDs including nonstop Thrill, Surrender, and Resurrection. In 2001 Peter moved into Jan Smith Studios where he continues to teach and do session work with local and national talent. Peter has performed on stage with talents such as Michael Bolton, Cee-Lo, Kelly Price, Steve Vai, Earl Klugh, Sharon Isbon, and Sleepy Brown. In collaboration with the NARAS organization he is the band leader each year at the Heroes Award Dinner in Atlanta. Peter s disc, So Many Notes, So Little Time, a guitar instrumental record, is slated to be released the summer of 2005. Peter is also working on a new acoustic record featuring his nylon string playing. Stay tuned as Peter plans on continuing his recording, teaching, and publishing careers into the foreseeable future

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