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Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown was more than just a blues musician; throughout his long career he embraced many of the tributaries of American music. As well as being a superb guitarist, influenced heavily, like B. B. King, on the style of T-Bone Walker, he was also a proficient violin, mandolin, fiddle and harmonica player. The 2CD set features the A and B side of all his releases between 1947 and 1961, and brings together all of his earliest singles for the Peacock label on one collection. Despite receiving very little chart success many of his singles were highly original and are now so famous it becomes difficult to understand why, "Boogie Uproar" "Okie Dokie Stomp", "Gate Walks To Board" and many others were staples for bar bands for years to come and were a huge influence over guitarists like Johnny Winter, Anson Funderburgh and Stevie Ray Vaughan. He didn't like to be called a bluesman but whether he liked it or not he was undeniably a major influence over the genre throughout his lifetime.


Disc: 1

1. Gatemouth Boogie

2. After Sunset

3. Guitar in My Hand

4. Without Me Baby

5. Didn't Reach My Goal

6. Atomic Energy

7. Mercy on Me

8. My Time's Expensive

9. Mary Is Fine

10. 2'O Clock in the Morning

11. Boogie Rambler

12. I've Been Mistreated

13. It Can Never Be That Way

14. She Walks Right in

15. Win with Me Baby

16. I Live My Life

17. Justice Blues

18. Pale Dry Boogie (Part 1)

19. Pale Dry Boogie (Part 2)

20. She Winked Her Eye

21. Sad Hour

22. Too Late Baby

23. Taking My Chances


Disc: 2

1. Just Got Lucky

2. Baby Take It Easy

3. You Got Money

4. Dirty Work at the Crossroads

5. Boogie Uproar

6. Hurry Back, Good News

7. Please Tell Me Baby

8. Gate Walks to Board

9. Midnight Hour

10. For Now, So Long

11. Good Looking Woman

12. That's Your Daddy-Yaddy-Yo

13. Okie Dokie Stomp

14. Depression Blues

15. Gate's Salty Blues

16. Rock My Blues Away

17. September Song

18. Ain't That Dandy

19. Just Before Dawn

20. Swingin' the Gate

21. Slop Time

22. Gate's Tune

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