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New 2019 2-CD compilation of the influential Delta Blues guitarist and singer, admired by Dylan, B. B. King, Led Zeppelin & Jeff Buckley. Disc 1 features White's 1960's revivalist recordings produced by John Fahey. Disc 2 contains an audiophile, pristine sounding concert by White. This complete performance was recorded in Bremen, Germany over 45 years ago. These recordings were released in the late '70s as a vinyl bootleg. It has been hard-to-find and never available on CD in any country. He was born Booker T Washington White, - the man we came to know as Bukka White. Born in 1909, Booker was the son of a railroad worker. While serving time for assault, he recorded for the folklorist John Lomax.[8] The few songs he recorded around this time became his most well known: 'Shake 'Em On Down,' and 'Po' Boy.' His 1937 version of the oft-recorded song[9] 'Shake 'Em on Down,' is considered definitive; it became a hit while White was serving time in Mississippi State Penitentiary, commonly known as Parchman Farm. He wrote about his experience there in 'Parchman Farm Blues', which was released in 1940. Bob Dylan covered his song 'Fixin' to Die Blues', which aided a 'rediscovery' of White . . Led Zeppelin's 'Hats Off to (Roy) Harper', on their album Led Zeppelin III was based in large part on 'Shake 'Em on Down, ' while 'Custard Pie', on Physical Graffiti, also references 'Shake 'Em on Down.' It was also brilliantly covered by the North Mississippi all Stars. 'Parchman Farm Blues' was recorded by Jeff Buckley, and posthumously on the bonus disc of, Grace.


Track List:

Disc: 1

1. Shake 'Em on Down

2. I Am in the Heavenly Way

3. Atlanta Special

4. Drunk Man Blues

5. Army Blues

6. Aberdeen, Mississippi Blues

7. Baby Please Don't Go

8. New Orleans, Streamline

9. When Can I Change My Clothes

10. Poor Boy Long Way from Home

11. Remembrance of Charley Patton

12. World Boogie

13. Midnight Blue

14. Old Man Walking Blues


Disc: 2

1. Black Rat

2. Way Out In The West

3. Mama Don't Allow

4. Stuttart, Arkansas

5. Don't Fuzz Blues

6. Big Boat Up The River

7. New Orleans Streamline

8. Everyday I Have The Blues

9. Aberdeen Blues

10. Midnight Blues

11. Poor Boy Long Way From Home

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