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Cut during a period when Buddy Guy was rarely recorded, this blustery and breathtaking live set is full of idiosyncratic solos that dart after virtually any musical urge that strikes him. Such unpredictable improvisational impulses are more familiar to jazz than blues, but along with his whisper-to-scream singing, that's what makes Guy commanding onstage. His fevered take on the standard "Outskirts of Town" is outright incendiary. This album was originally released on Isabel, a French label named--at the singer-guitarist's insistence--after his late mother, who never had a chance to see her son perform. --Ted Drozdowski


Track List:

1. I Smell A Rat

2. Are You Losing Your Mind?

3. You've Been Gone Too Long

4. She's Out There Somewhere

5. Outskirts Of Town

6. When I Left Home














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