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A stunning collection of artists and performances celebrate the timeless appeal of legendary gospel bluesman Blind Willie Johnson. TOM WAITS – The Soul Of A Man and John The Revelator LUCINDA WILLIAMS – It’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine and God Don’t Never Change DEREK TRUCKS AND SUSAN TEDESCHI – Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning COWBOY JUNKIES – Jesus Is Coming Soon THE BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA – Mother’s Children Have A Hard Time SINEAD O’CONNOR – Trouble Will Soon Be Over LUTHER DICKINSON featuring THE RISING STAR FIFE & DRUM BAND – Bye And Bye I’m Going To See The King MARIA MCKEE – Let Your Light Shine On Me RICKIE LEE JONES – Dark Was The Night--Cold Was The Ground Blind Willie Johnson’s seminal songs have inspired artists like Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton to interpret his musical vision. Produced by Jeffrey Gaskill, who helmed 2003’s Gotta Serve Somebody: The Gospel Songs Of Bob Dylan, GOD DON’T NEVER CHANGE hits artistic pay dirt like few tribute albums have, and is brimming with outstanding performances by some of the biggest names in music. The artists are well-chosen and totally committed, and the new versions capture the raw beauty of the original recordings. There’s not a false note in the batch and moments of revelation are everywhere. From Sinead O’Connor’s righteous cries on Trouble Will Soon Be Over and Derek Trucks’ and Susan Tedeschi’s reverent reading of Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning, from Lucinda Williams’ slide guitar-fueled lament in Nobody’s Fault But Mine and Tom Waits’ virtual embodiment of Johnson himself on John The Revelator, this record is packed with transcendent recordings that speak as much to the greatness of the performers as they do the enduring legacy of Blind Willie Johnson.


Track List:

1. The Soul Of A Man     by  Tom Waits

2. It's Nobody's Fault But Mine     by  Lucinda Williams

3. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning     by  Derek Trucks|Susan Tedeschi

4. Jesus Is Coming Soon       by  Cowboy Junkies

5. Mother's Children Have A Hard Time    by  The Blind Boys Of Alabama

6. Trouble Will Soon Be Over   by  Sinead O'Connor

7. Bye And Bye I'm Going to See The King     by  Luther Dickinson feat. the Rising Star Fife and Drum Band

8. God Don't Never Change    by  Lucinda Williams

9. John The Revelator    by  Tom Waits

10. Let Your Light Shine On Me    by  Maria McKee

11. Dark Was The Night, Cold Was the Ground     by  Rickie Lee Jones




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