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This complete reissue of Elizabeth Cotten's first LP is best known for containing the original recording of her classic Freight Train. The breadth of her repertoire and endearing style have captivated generations of guitarists and fans of traditional American music.

Freight Train includes guitar and banjo accompanied songs and tunes and features Mike Seeger's updated notes that include comments on Cotten's life, musical style, and song lyrics.


Track List:

1. Wilson rag

2. Freight Train

3. Going down the road feeling bad

4. I don't love nobody

5. Ain't got no honey baby now

6. Graduation march

7. Honey baby your papa cares for you

8. Vastopol

9. Here old rattler here / Sent for my fiddle sent for my bow (Sent for my fiddle sent for my son) / Georgia Buck

10. Run...run / Mama your son done gone

11. Sweet bye and bye / What a friend we have in Jesus

12. Oh babe it ain't no lie

13. Spanish Flang Dang

14. When I get home



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