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Starts with the Circle of 5th.'s and includes The Modes, The Nashville # System, The Do-Re-Mi's, The Diatonic Scale Degrees, The Major and Minor Degrees of Scale + more in all 12 keys
• No pages to turn - No Music Reading is Necessary - this Dial has been described as equal to the 1st. five chapters of a university music theory textbook
• Change Keys in a hurry in all 12 Keys - Includes every note in Western Music
• The ultimate music gift resource to learn or review all aspects of Creating Harmony, Chord Construction, Music Theory - no matter your vocal range, instrument played, skill level or musical style.
• Full Color - 16 Point Recycled Cardstock - UV Plastic Coated all four sides - Brass grommet in the middle - What this covers can impact the rest of your musical life.

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