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Mayall invited ex-Bluesbreakers Eric Clapton, Mick Taylor and many others to join him on this 1971 double album, a reunion recording that Mayall updated in 1988 with eight new remixes. All of the original and remixed tracks are here on 2 CDs-over two hours of the best British blues!

Track List:

Disc 1

1. Prisons On The Road

2. My Children (Album Version)

3. Accidental Suicide

4. Groupie Girl (Album Version)

5. Blue Fox (Album Version)

6. Home Again

7. Television Eye

8. Marriage Madness (Album Version)

9. Looking At Tomorrow

10. Accidental Suicide (Remix) [feat. Eric Clapton & Mick Taylor]

11. Force Of Nature (Remix) [feat. Eric Clapton & Mick Taylor]

12. Boogie Albert (Remix) [feat. Eric Clapton & Mick Taylor]

13. Television Eye (Remix) [feat. Eric Clapton & Mick Taylor]


Disc 2 

1. Dream With Me (Album Version)

2. Full Speed Ahead (Album Version)

3. Mr. Censor Man

4. Force Of Nature

5. Boogie Albert

6. Goodbye December (Album Version)

7. Unanswered Questions (Album Version)

8. Devil's Tricks (Album Version)

9. Travelling (Album Version)

10. Prisons On The Road (Remix) [feat. Eric Clapton & Mick Taylor]

11. Home Again (Remix)

12. Mr. Censor Man (Remix)

13. Looking At Tomorrow (Remix)





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