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With an exquisite voice, razor-sharp wit and subtime talent for the twelve-string guitar, Blind Willie McTell left behind a remarkable recorded legacy.

From classice such as 'Statesboro Blues' and 'Mama,'Tain't Long Fo' Day' to 'Broke Down Engine Blues' and Georgia Rag' it's clear why Bob Dylan famously sang 'Nobody can sing the blues like Blind Willie McTell.





Track List:

1. Soutyhern Can is Mine

2. Broke Down Engine Blues

3. God Don't Like It

4. Stomp Down Rider

5. Love Changing Blues

6. Georgia Rag

7. Stateboro Blues

8. Come On Around To My House Mama

9. Searching The Desert For The Blues

10. Mama, Tain't Long Fo' Day

11. Travelin' Blues

12. It's Your Time To Worry

13. Hillbilly Willie's Blues

14. Mama, Let Me Scoop For You

15. Scarey Day Blues

16. Atlanta Strut

17. Lord, Send Me An Angel

18. Three Women Blues

19. It's A Good Little Thing

20. Lay Some Flowers On My Grave

21. Razor Ball

22. Drive Away Blues

23. Warm It Up To Me

24. Talking To Myself

25. Dark Night Blues

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