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On 24th November 2017 BMG proudly release Gary Moore’s Blues and Beyond, a remarkable collection of his powerful and emotive blues studio recordings. Blues and Beyond is released on double CD, 4 LP and as a box set, which includes unreleased live recordings and the official Gary Moore biography I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow written by Harry Shapiro. Best known for his evocative solo hits, Parisienne Walkways and Still Got the Blues (live versions feature in this set), and his on/off membership of Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore’s solo career comprises over twenty albums. Throughout the 1980s, Gary moved up the rock hierarchy, but turned his back on what he regarded as the empty flash of metal and reverted to his heart music – the blues – where ironically he scored his biggest commercial success through his 1990s and 2000s blues albums. As well as running his own bands, during a successful solo career, Gary mixed with the best that rock and blues could offer, playing live and on record with George Harrison, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Greg Lake, BB King, Albert King, Albert Collins and many others. Gary was also the guitarist many looked up to, not just for the terrifying speed of his fretwork, but for the passion, fire and honesty in his playing.


CD 1

Track List:

1. Enough of the Blues

2. Tell Me Woman

3. Stormy Monday

4. That's Why I Play the Blues

5. Power of the Blues

6. Ball and Chain

7. Looking Back

8. Surrender

9. Cold Black Night

10. There's a Hole

11. Getaway Blues

12. We Want Love

13. Memory Pain

14. The Prophet


CD 2

Track List:

1. You Upset Me Baby

2. Bring My Baby Back

3. I Can't Quit You Baby

4. World of Confusion

5. Picture of the Moon

6. Can't Find My Baby

7. Drowning In Tears

8. Evil

9. My Baby (She's So Good to Me)

10. I Ain't Got You

11. Just Can't Let You Go

12. How Many Lies

13. Torn Inside

14. Parisienne Walkways

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