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~~1965's Paul Butterfield Blues Band and 1966's East-West were masterpieces, but the rest of Paul's Elektra LPs were uneven. That's why this 33-track trip through his eight Elektra years is a godsend: Born in Chicago; Off the Wall; Mystery Train; Come On In; All These Blues; Work Song; Love Disease; Double Trouble; Love March; Driftin' and Driftin' , and more handpicked gems from this harp-blowin' blues-rock trailblazer!

It might be impossible to overestimate the importance of The Paul Butterfield Blues Band on American music in the latter half of the '60's. Unlike British blues revivalists The Rolling Stones, the Butterfield band was schooled in the tough Chicago bars that housed Muddy Waters, Little Walter, and Howlin' Wolf. They didn't imitate the blues, they were the blues. They were also virtuoso instrumentalists to the man; and the extended raga-like "East-West," powered by Butterfield's defiant harmonica and the guitars of Elvin Bishop and Mike Bloomfield, virtually created the concept of psychedelic jamming. This 2 CD set profiles the best of their massively influential early work, and samples later R&B-inflected, horn-driven material as well. Essential for blues fans. --Michael Ruby


Track List:

Disc 1

1. Born In Chicago

2. Lovin' Cup

3. One More Mile

4. Off The Wall

5. Come On In

6. Nut Popper #1

7. Ain't No Need To Go No Further

8. Born In Chicago

9. Shake Your Money-Maker

10. Blues With A Feeling

11. Thank You Mr. Poobah

12. Our Love Is Drifting

13. Mystery Train

14. Last Night

15. Walkin' Blues

16. I Got A Mind To Give Up Living

17. Work Song

18. All These Blues

19. East-West



Disc 2

1. One More Headache

2. Double Trouble

3. Last Hope's Gone

4. Mornin' Blues

5. Get Yourself Together

6. Just To Be With You

7. In My Own Dream

8. Love March

9. Walkin' By Myself

10. Everything's Gonna Be Alright

11. Driftin' And Driftin'

12. Love Disease

13. Blind Leading The Blind

14. Song For Lee




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