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CALL ME LUCKY is the new record from Chris Smither and is his first set of brand new originals in six years. The new record features Smither - trademark songs that offer commentary on the human condition with a wink of an eye and pulls from deep in the soul. To complete the project are a couple of surprise covers that remind us of Chris' deftness as a song interpreter as he makes the songs his own. Honing a synthesis of folk and blues for 50 years, Smither is truly an American original. Reviewers and fans from around the world, including Rolling Stone and The New York Times, agree that Chris continues to be a profound songwriter, a blistering guitarist, and intense performer as he draws deeply from the blues, American folk music, modern poets and humanist philosophers.

The 'B side' provides dramatically different versions of five of the original songs - the ballad "Everything on Top" is transformed into howling blues, "Nobody Home" the song about desensitisation in the modern world (including the Whitehouse) keeps the same unsettling lyrics but the sound is now much darker and menacing. "By the Numbers" is now on piano, "Change Your Mind" is slowed down and "Down to the Sound" is speeded up. I found this an interesting insight into how the songs must have evolved since Chris's original versions and how they are open to different arrangements and settings.


A Side:
1. The Blame’s On Me

2. Maybellene
3. Down To The Sound
4. Nobody Home

5. By The Numbers
6. Change Your Mind

7. Everything On Top
8. Sittin’ On Top Of The World
9. Too Bad, So Sad
10. Lower The Humble


B Side:
1. She Said She Said
2. Everything On Top
3. Down To The Sound
4. Nobody Home

5. Change Your Mind

6. By The Numbers


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