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Thirty-Six different characters with short histories on the reverse! Robert Crumb Trading Cards is the perfect gift or addition to the collection of any even half-serious Crumb fan. The boxed set is very similar in format to the popular Heroes of the Blues, Early Jazz Greats and Pioneers of Country Music card sets also published by Denis Kitchen Publishing and available here and from specialty retailers everywhere.

Featured characters include... the mysterious guru Mr. Natural; his loyal devotee Flakey Foont; The Nerds; Pete the Plumber (and his sidekick Plungo); Whiteman and Yeti the Bigfoot both from Homegrown Funnies; Ruff Tuff Creampuff; the raining Meatball from Zap #0; Shuman the Human; Dirty Dog; Smelly Old Cat; The Desperate Character; Mr. Appropriate (way ahead of his time on the ecology front); Vulture Demoness (the dominatrix from Big Ass #1-2); Eggs Ackley (whose eyeballs were stolen by crows in Motor City #1); Sally Blubberbutt; Fritz the Cat (star of the Ralph Bakshi animated cartoons who was then permanently killed in People's Comix); Those Cute Little Bearzy Wearzies (Jippo and Boopsy); The big-foot character from Keep on Truckin'; Onion Head; Patricia Pig; Forky O'Donnell (you don't want to have lunch with this guy!); Squirelly the Squirrel; Cheesis K. Reist, star of 'Hamburgers!'; Boingy Baxter; The Simp and The Gimp; Ruth Schwartz (the original "gurl" in Big Ass #1 who later helped Flakey Foont institutionalize Mr. Natural in Mr. Natural #3); Devil Girl (from before she had a line of candy); Mr. Snoid; Angelfood McSpade, The Old Pooperoo; Dale Steinberger the Jewish Cowgirl; Joe Blow (from the infamous Zap #4 bust); Little Johnny Fuckerfaster; Bo Bo Belinski (the drunk, not the baseball player); and Robert Crumb himself (a nice self-portrait, but he's also a regular cast member).

On the back of each card is a concise character synopsis written by the late comics historian Dave Schreiner, accompanied by 2-color bonus illustrations. All in a snappy box designed by Robert Crumb and Pete Poplaski.

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