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EU-only collection from one of the all-time greats of the Chicago Blues scene best known for his work as a member of Muddy Waters' band in the '50s. Collected here are the A and B sides of every solo 78 and 45 Jimmy Rogers released on the Chess label between 1950 and 1959. Features an all-star backing from the likes of Otis Span, Little Walter and of course Muddy Waters. His best known numbers, many of which are now blues standards are all featured including, "Words in a Tangle", "That's Alright" and "Walking By Myself" - the latter being covered by Freddie King, Magic Sam and Gary Moore amongst many others.


Track Listings

1. That's Alright

2. Ludella

3. Going Away Blues

4. Today Today Blues

5. The World's in a Tangle

6. She Loves Another Man

7. Money, Marbles and Chalk

8. Chance to Love

9. I Used to Have a Woman

10. Back Door Friend

11. The Last Time

12. Out on the Road

13. Left Me with a Broken Heart

14. Act Like You Love Me

15. Chicago Bound

16. Sloppy Drunk

17. Blues All Day Long

18. You're the One

19. If It Ain't Me

20. Walkin' By Myself

21. One Kiss

22. I Can't Believe

23. What Have I Done

24. Trace of You

25. My Last Meal

26. Rock This House

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