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When I listen to this recording again many years later, I still have the same sense of excitement I felt that day when I sat in his shadowy room with the bottle of gin on the floor, and the sounds of other people in the house drifting through the door. Through the blues revival and on into the 1970’s he went on to record many more albums, including some sessions we did together, but this one, still, for me, his most exciting musical statement. Often during those years I was asked if there was some way to describe the country blues, and the easiest way I could think of was to play this labum. Whenever I think of Linghtning and his music it is this sound and these blues that come back to me. –Sam Charters, Mansfield Center, Conn. 1990


Track List:

1. Penitentiary Blues

2. Bad Luck And Trouble

3. Come Go Home With Me

4. Trouble Stay 'Way From My Door

5. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean

6. Goin' Back To Florida

7. Reminiscenses Of Blind Lemon

8. Fan It

9. Tell Me, Baby

10. She's Mine

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