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Easy Steps to Acoustic Blues Guitar #2-Essentials of Fingerstyle Blues: Taught by Happy Traum

Now that you've completed DVD 1 and have made it past the basics, it's time to tackle the next level - traditional blues fingerpicking.

The key to all country blues playing, and the heart of this style, is in your ability to play rhythmic bass pulse with your thumb while your fingers pick out syncopated notes on the high strings. happy Traum's "easy steps" learning concept divides this all-important style into modules that you can digest one element at a time. Through the use of this style apart so that any aspiring player can pick it up.

You'll learn how to "break up the chords'' (the way Happy learned personally from Brownie McGhee),as wel as funky "lightin' Hopkins lick," shuffle and boogie-woogie bass lines, blues scales, playing solos up the neck, variations on blues chord progressions and arrangement of Rock Me, Baby; Baby Please Don't Go; Trouble In Mind and other blues classics.

This is an almost foolproof method for building solid guitar technique while learning to play licks, accompaniments, song and solos in the blues style.

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