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Ragtime Guitar of Rev. Gary Davis taught by Ernie Hawkins:

Rev. Gary Davis was an incredible ragtime guitar player. His arrangements illustrate what has become known as the Piedmont guitar style. As a young man Rev. Davis played in a string band with the legendary Willie Walker. Several of the tunes featured on this double DVD lesson come from Walker s repertoire, i.e. "Make Believe Stunt." Rev. Davis used to talk about Blind Blake s sportin right hand and you can hear this influence in all of Rev. Davis s ragtime playing. These are challenging and difficult multipart arrangements. Ernie Hawkins teaches each section phrase by phrase and carefully shows you the right hand picking as well as the left hand fingerings that were unique to Rev. Davis s approach. You will be able to easily follow the instruction with the tab/music booklet. Also featured are split screen segments where each section is played slowly and you can study the movements of each hand. As a bonus we have included various audio performances of Rev. Davis playing each song.
Volume One: Slow Drag (Cincinnati Flow Rag) (77 minutes)
Volume Two: C Rag, Don t Let My Baby Catch You Here and Make Believe Stunt (Maple Leaf Rag) (96 minutes)
48 page tab/music booklet / level 3
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