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Over the years I have searched for films and videos of my teacher, Rev. Gary Davis. His playing has influenced many fingerstyle guitarists. His words and warmth were especially important to his handful of dedicated students. In this collection I have put together all the footage that I have found to date. The recording quality ranges from excellent to poor but the music is always superb. The first two tracks are taken from a short film that played in theatres in the early 1960s. This was shot while Rev. Davis lived in the Bronx. The filmaker was very interested in the ambience but we do get a chance to see Rev. Davis play. Pete Seeger s Rainbow Quest had one show that featured Rev. Davis along with Donovan and Shawn Phillips. The next two tunes are from this program. In 1969 Rev. Davis travelled to Seattle, Washington to play for the Folkore Society. Tracks 5-12 were filmed by the Anthropology Department of the University of Washington at the home of John Ullman. This is rough footage but shows Rev. Davis relaxed amongst friends and his trusty cigar! During that stay John was able to take Rev. Davis in to a proper television studio and tracks 15-23 are from this session. These are seminal performances. The independent filmmaker Lionel Rogosin brought Rev. Davis together with other musicians for his film Black Roots. Tracks 24-26 are from this film. This collection ends with some very rough footage from the wedding celebration of John Gibbon (one of Rev. Davis s earliest New York students). This was originally recorded on reel to reel tape and over the years the tape disintegrated. So what we have left is a faint video image with good sound that shows Rev. Davis enjoying himself at a party with friends. Hopefully you will enjoy this collection as the genius of Rev. Gary Davis will fill your TV screen with inspiration and joy. Stefan Grossman
Titles include:
1. Sun Is Goin Down
2. Lord, I Feel Like Goin
3. Children of Zion
4. Oh Glory How Happy I Am
5. Sally Where d You Get Your Liquor From
6. Calling for Irene
7. Buck Dance
8. Hard Walkin Blues
9. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning
10. Make Believe Stunt
11. Guitar Lesson (Twelve Gates To The City)
12. Twelve Gates To The City (Instrumental)
13. Advice on Playing Guitar
14. Twelve Sticks
15. Twelve Gates To The City
16. Samson and Delilah
17. Cincinnati Flow Rag (Slow Drag)
18. Candyman
19. Sally Where d You Get Your Liquor From
20. Buck Dance
21. Wouldn t Say Quit
22. Oh Glory How Happy I Am
23. (I Heard) The Angels Singing
24. I Belong To The Band
25. Talk on Death
26. Death Don t Have No Mercy
27. She s Just Funny That Way
28. Samson and Delilah
29. Cincinnati Flow Rag (Slow Drag)
30. Spoonful
31. Buck Dance
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