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This collection by Jorma Kaukonen is a must for all players and fans who want to delve deeply into his innovative guitar style. Jorma performs eight of his most popular solo pieces, then analyzes them -- phrase-by-phrase -- for learning guitarists. The instruction on the CD, coupled with the clear and accurate transcriptions in the book, will make it possible for even the moderately proficient guitarist to add these songs to his or her repertoire: Embryonic Journey, Trial By Fire, Watch the North Wind Rise, I See The Light, Been So Long, Mann's Fate, Genesis and Water Song.

Jorma Kaukonen is one of the most important acoustic & electric guitarists of our time.

Beginning in the early sixties, Jorma's Rev. Gary Davis-influenced fingerpicking style spread far into the estuaries of rock and country blues. He performed with Janis Joplin, Jerry Garcia and Jimi Hendrix, and then helped found one of the most adventurous and creative American rock bands, Jefferson Airplane. In 1970, Jorma and Jack Casady formed Hot Tuna, a comb that contines to inspire acoustic and electric guitarists to this day. Jorma and the Airplane were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995 and, in a 2016 PBS broadcast, were given a Special Merit Award by the GRAMMYs,


Along with his wife, Vanessa, he has created Fur Peace Ranch,a renowned and highly successful guitar an music camp,ontheir farm in the hills of southeastern Ohio. His life-long interest in teaching has resulted in several excellent instructions DVDs for Homespun. Jorma has recorded over 27 albums.

Detailed Analysis of 8 Classic Song and Instrumentals

Includes online access to audio for download or streaming, using the unique code inside this book.

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