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Transcribed by Ernie Hawkins

Historical Notes by William L. Ellis

Rev. Gary Davis is the real thing. The authentic blind-seer. He is a genius with a brightly burning spirit, enormous musical intelligence, technical brilliance,an encyclopedic memory, driving passion, deep faith, a raunchy and gracious sense of humor. He (1896-1972) was born black in deep poverty in SouthCarolina, blind from an early age. He overcame these longest of odds to become world famous, a giant of American music. He brought together black andwhite styles, country gospel, folk themes, blues, jazz, ragtime, minstrel songs, dance tunes and popular song. He developed his own brilliant fingerpickingstyle that was deep, economical, and adaptable enough to easily cover all these genres. Supporting all his creativity was an unshakable faith thatpulled him through the obscurity, the bitter hard times and crushing poverty he would endure until the folk music awakening of the fifties and sixtiescaught up to him.

In this 108 page book, Ernie Hawkins has transcribed 13 of Rev. Davis's best known blues and ragtime arrangements. Tunes such as Candyman, Cocaine Blues,Hesitation Blues, Baby Let Me Lay It On You, Spoonful and Delia are included alongside the ragtime instrumental tour de forces of Slow Drag (CincinnatiFlow Rag) and Make Believe Stunt (Maple Leaf Rag).

This collection is a companion piece to Ernie's two double DVD lessons Blues Guitar of Rev. Gary Davis (GW978/9) and Ragime Guitar of Rev. Gary Davis (GW980/1) andcontains all the tunes presented in those lessons.

Titles include: Spoonful, Cocaine Blues, Delia, Baby Let Me Lay It On You, Candyman, Hesitation Blues, Penitentiary Blues, FloridaBlues, Can't Be Satisfied, Slow Drag (Cincinnati Flow Rag), C Rag, Don't Let My Baby Catch You Here and Make Believe Stunt (Maple Leaf Rag)

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