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The Ukulele Chord Book is a reference book that contains over 300 chords with photos to clearly illustrate how to play each chord. The corresponding chord diagrams show which fingers and frets to use while also labeling each note of the chord. This extensive chord chart covers twelve major keys with 12 common chord types shown in two different neck positions. It also includes sections on Moveable Chords, Common Chords in Each Major Key, and a full neck diagram of the ukulele with all notes labeled. This handy book will help you to advance your ukulele playing to the next level by giving you more variety in your chord voicings.

Keys: A, Bb, B, C, C#, D, Eb, E, F, F#, G, Ab

Chord Types: Major, 7th, Minor, Minor 6th, Augmented, Diminished, 6th, Minor 6th, Major 7th, 9th, sus4, add9

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