Catalog » CD & DVD's » Rev. Gary Davis » CD - Reverend Gary Davis 'If I Had My Way:Early Home Recordings'
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  Song Title      
    1. If I Had My Way      
    2. If the Lord Be for You      
    3. Twelve Gates to the City      
    4. You Got to Move      
    5. We Are the Heavenly Father's Children    
    6. A Friend Like Lonely Jesus    
    7. Get Right Church    
    8. Marine Band      
    9. Shine On Me      
  10. There's Destruction on This Land      
  11. He Stole Away    
  12. The Uncloudy Day    
  13. Say No to the Devil      
  14. I Belong to the Band    
  15. Give Me a Heart to Love    
  16. He Never Has Left Me Alone      
  17. Got On My Traveling Shoes    
  18. Civil War Parade
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