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About the Artist

In the 1920’s, the prime of life, the Reverend Gary Davis was one of the two most renowned East Coast ragtime guitar players. Davis was partially blind at birth, and lost what little sight he had before he was an adult. Davis began playing at age six, and by the time he was twenty he was one of the most accomplished guitar players in blues. After spending the next 35 years in relative obscurity playing on the streets of Harlem, he again emerged as one of the giants of Blues, playing live to audiences of thousands. Davis was a major influence and teacher to Bob Dylan, Taj Mahal, Donovan, Jorma Kaukonen, Ry Cooder and others.

Product Description

• Part of the Heroes of the Blues series • The only true cross-licensed best-of package for the Rev. Gary Davis • A complete complete career retrospective, covering all periods of his career and various record labels • Digitally re-mastered • Cover art by R. Crumb

Track Listings:

1. Samson & Delilah

2. Death Don't Have No Mercy
3. Cross & Evil Woman Blues
4. Can't Be Satisfied
5. Lord I Wish I Could See
6. Twelve Gates to the City
7. Out on the Ocean Sailing
8. Whistlin' Blues
9. Candy Man
10. How Happy I Am
11. I Belong to the Band - Hallelujah!
12. Bad Company (Brought Me Here)
13. Crucifixion
14. You Got to Move
15. Cocaine Blues
16. Soon My Work Will Be All Done
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