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(3-CD) Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop presents a definitive portrait of the hugely influential folk blues icon Rev. Gary Davis in a comprehensive three-CD set titled Demons & Angel. Compiled by disciple and historian Stefan Grossman (who calls Davis 'the Stravinsky of the acoustic guitar'), this sprawling set showcases the full stylistic range of Davis' music, encompassing blues, gospel, ragtime, minstrel songs and other bits of Americana. The recordings were culled from over 100 hours of studio, concert and home recordings. The definitive collection from one of the true giants in early blues and gospel, Reverend Gary Davis, a man positively worshipped by latter-day folkies and rockers (Dave Van Ronk, for one, called him 'the most fantastic guitarist I'd ever seen'). This 3-CD set contains 57 tracks - many unreleased - highlighted by such spine-tinglers as Baby, What You Going to Do; I Am the Vine; Mean Old World; Devil's Dream; You're Going to Quit Me Baby; Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning, and more. A PDF booklet on Disc 1, includes all the song lyrics plus a bio of Rev. Davis by Ian Zack.

Track List:
Disc: 1

1. Buck Dance

2. Soldier's March

3. Baby, What You Going To Do (Sic)

4. Twelve Sticks (The Dozens)

5. Save Up Your Money, John D Rockerfeller Put The Panoc On

6. I Am The Light Of This World

7. Nobody Cares For Me (Sic)

8. Slippin' Till My Gal Comes In Partner

9. Blues (Sic)

10. Crucifixion

11. Rag Blues In C (Sic)

12. Blues In E (Sic)

13. Square Dance Verses (Sic)

14. Don't Know Where To Go (Sic)

15. He's My King (Sic)

16. I'm Throwin' Up My Hands (Ain't Gonna Work No More)

17. Cross And Evil Woman Blues

18. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning

19. I'm So Tired Of Being All Alone (Sic)


Disc: 2

1. I Am The True Vine

2. Lord, Stand By Me

3. Won't You Hush

4. Mean Old World

5. Moon Is Going Down

6. Sportin' Life Blues

7. God's Gonna Separate

8. Soon My Work Will All Be Done

9. Blow Gabriel

10. Get Right Church

11. I Want To Be Saved

12. Oh Glory, How Happy I Am

13. There's Destruction In That Land (Message From Heaven)

14. Tired, My Soul Needs Resting

15. Georgia Camp Meeting

16. Bill Bailey

17. Honey Get Your Towel Wet

18. She Wouldn't Say Quit

19. You're Going To Quit Me Baby


Disc: 3

1. I'm Going To Sit Down On The Banks Of The River

2. Twelve Gates To The City

3. I Heard The Angels Sing

4. Twelve Sticks

5. It's A Long Way To Tipperary

6. When The Train Comes Along

7. Little Boy, Little Boy Who Made Your Britches

8. All Night Long

9. Who Shall Deliver Poor Me

10. Jesus Met The Woman At The Well

11. Lord, Search My Heart

12. Lord, On Your Word

13. Let Us Get Together

14. Cocaine Blues

15. Devil's Dream

16. Blow Gabriel

17. Sun Is Going Down

18. Spoonful

19. Whistlin' Blues

20. Virgin Mary

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