Catalog » CD & DVD's » Rev. Gary Davis » CD - Reverend Gary Davis 'The Guitar & Banjo of Reverend Gary Davis'
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  Song Title      
  1. Maple Leaf Rag (Instrumental)      
  2. Slow Drag (Cincinnati Flow Rag) (Instrumental)      
  3. The Boy Was Kissing The Girl (And Playing Guitar At The Same Time)  (Instrumental)      
  4. Candy Man (Instrumental)      
  5. United States March (Soldier's Drill) (Instrumental)    
  6. Devil's Dream (Instrumental)      
  7. The Coon Hunt (Instrumental)      
  8. Mister Jim (Walkin' Dog Blues) (Instrumental)      
  9. Please Baby (Instrumental)      
  10. Fast Fox Trot (Instrumental)      
  11. Can't Be Satisfied (Instrumental)
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