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A few nights before Christmas 1968, Al Kooper and Michael Bloomfield, their bags jam-packed with fat blues licks, stirred a packed house at the fabled Fillmore East. Keyboardist-vocalist Kooper (b. 1944) and guitarist Bloomfield (1944-1981) were riding high on the wings of their surprise hit LP Super Session, which introduced the concept of the superstar rock jam. It sailed to number 11 on Billboard's Hot 100 Album Chart, getting gold record status.
Striking while the irons were hot, Kooper recorded the Fillmore shows-not only at Fillmore East , but also at Fillmore West, the latter of which produced the Super Sessions follow-up. The Live Adventures Of Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper. As for the East tapes, they languished, then were lost entirely.
Thirty-three years later, Kooper unearthed them while assembling his career retrospective, Rare And Well Done. Here, then are 77 previously-unissued minutes of an in-count Super Session, whose personnel is, aside from the co-leaders, different from that on the initial LP. Nevertheless, the intentions and spirit of the are original are very much in evidence.
Bloomfield, bolstered by Kooper's sympathetic keyboards, is caught are the peak  of his considerable powers, this time by Kooper's felicitously placed recording equipment. Session man Paul Harris' intermittently reminds us of how many hit records his piano enhanced. And an added jolt there's Johnny Winter. An unknown blues guitarist and shouter from Texas, he got himself signed to a major deal with Columbia three days later as a result of his white-hot rendition of B.B. King's "It's My Own Fault."
The wry Kooper  recounts Winter's tale, the lost-and-found story of the tapes, and more, in his informative liner notes. It happened one weekend at the Fillmore East. It doesn't happen like that anymore.


Track List:

1. Introductions (Live) by  Mike Bloomfield;Al Kooper

2. One Way Out (Live) by  Mike Bloomfield;Al Kooper

3. Mike Bloomfield's Introduction of Johnny Winter (Live) by  Mike Bloomfield

4. It's My Own Fault (Live) by  Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper feat. Johnny Winter Album Only  

5. 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) (Live) by  Mike Bloomfield;Al Kooper

6. (Please) Tell Me Partner (Live) by  Mike Bloomfield;Al Kooper Album Only

7. That's All Right Mama (Live) by  Mike Bloomfield;Al Kooper

8. Together Till the End of Time (Live) by  Mike Bloomfield;Al Kooper

9. Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong (Live) by  Mike Bloomfield;Al Kooper

10. Season of the Witch (Live) by  Mike Bloomfield;Al Kooper




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