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The ultimate single-CD showcase of the blues-guitar force that was Bloomfield. He honors T-Bone Walker, B.B. King and his other heroes on the 1976 title LP, while 1979's Bloomfield/Harris finds him delving into gospel blues with finger-picking Woody Harris. And the Kicking Mule session here is an instructional album he made for Guitar Player magazine. Listen and learn from the best!

Track List:

1. If You Love These Blues (Album Version)

2. Hey, Foreman (Album Version)

3. Narrative #1 (Album Version)

4. WDIA (Album Version)

5. Narrative #2 (Album Version)

6. Death Cell Rounder Blues (Album Version)

7. Narrative #3 (Album Version)

8. City Girl (Album Version)

9. Narrative #4 (Album Version)

10. Kansas City Blues (Album Version)

11. Narrative #5 (Album Version)

12. Mama Lion (Album Version)

13. Narrative #6 (Album Version)

14. Thrift Shop Rag (Album Version)

15. Narrative #7 (Album Version)

16. Death In My Family (Album Version)

17. East Colorado Blues (Album Version)

18. Blue Ghost Blues (Album Version)

19. Narrative #8 (Album Version)

20. The Train Is Gone (Album Version)

21. Narrative #9 (Album Version)

22. The Altar Song (Album Version)

23. I'll Overcome (Album Version)

24. I Must See Jesus (Album Version)

25. Great Dreams From Heaven (Album Version)

26. Gonna Need Somebody On My Bond (Album Version)

27. I Am A Pilgrim (Album Version)

28. Just A Closer Walk With Thee (Album Version)

29. Have Thine Own Way (Album Version)

30. Farther Along (Album Version)

31. Peace In The Valley (Album Version)






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