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This contemporary album by Otis Rush challenges the brilliance of his 1950s work for Cobra. Recorded in 1971 for Capitol but unissued until 1976, when the tiny Bullfrog label rescued the project, the album has Rush backed by a driving combo with three horns on searing revivals of "Tore Up" and "Natural Ball," a tortured "Your Turn to Cry," and the intense title track. The Chicago great's vibrato-laden guitar work is mesmerizing, his vocals impassioned, and his band combative. (B.D.) -- © Frank John Hadley 1993 -- From Grove Press Guide to Blues on CD


Track List:

1. Tore Up

2. Right Place, Wrong Time

3. Easy Go

4. Three Times a Fool

5. Rainy Night In Georgia

6. Natural Ball

7. I Wonder Why

8. Your Turn to Cry

9. Lonely Man

10. Take a Look Behind





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