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Little Walter is universally regarded as one of the most innovative and influential harmonica improvisers of the twentieth century in any form of music, and his virtuosity and dazzling invention and use of amplification took the Blues harmonica into new and unexplored territories, taking it away from its rural beginnings and roots into the urban setting of electrified Chicago Blues.



Disc 1:

1. My Babe

2. Juke

3. I Got To Go

4. I Hate To See You Go

5. Blues With A Feeling 

6. Can't Hold Out Much Longer 

7. Mean Old World

8.Sad Hours

9. Don't Have To Hunt No More 

10. Off The Wall 

11. Tell Me, Mama 

12. Quarter To Twelve 

13. Lights Out 

14. Oh Baby 

15. Rocker 

16. You'd Better Watch Yourself 

17. Blue Light 

18. Last Night 

19. Mellow Down Easy 

20. Roller Coaster


Disc 2:

1. You're So Fine 

2. Just Your Fool 

3. Key To the Highway 

4. Too Late 

5. Who 

6. It's Too Late, Brother 

7. Take Me Back 

8. Nobody But You

9. Everybody Needs Somebody 

10. Boom, Boom, Out Goes The Light 

11. Temperature 

12. The Toddle 

13. Confessin' The Blues 

14. Crazy Mixed-Up World 

15. Everything's Gonna Be All Right 

16. Back Track 

17. Ah'W Baby 

18. I Had My Fun 

20. Blue Midnight 

19. I Don't Play

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