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The Heat is turned up again for another chapter in the 25-year history of Pierre Lacocque's Mississippi Heat. The Living Blues review of their previous album said 'Warning Shot (DMK 839) showcases bandleader and principal songwriter Lacocque's eloquent harp playing, supported by a cast of heavy hitters that delivers the trademark big band sound and one of the hottest, tightest bands in Chicago today, and the original songs on this album are pure fun and are worthy additions to the great history of Chicago blues. ' Cab Driving Man features 15 new songs with Inetta Visor and Michael Dotson as lead vocalists again. The songs are a wonderful blend of Mississippi, Chicago, boogie, swing and south of the border.



Track List:

1. Cupid Bound

2. Cab Driving Man

3. That Late Night Stuff

4. Flowers on My Tombstone

5. Icy Blue

6. The Last Go Round

7. Life Is Too Short

8. Don't Mess up a Good Thing

9. Rosalie

10. Luck of the Draw

11. Mama Kaila

12. Music Is My Life

13. Lonely Eyes

14. Smooth Operator

15. Can't Get Me No Traction

16. Hey Pipo!

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