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Lovingly assembled by the band members themselves. The Worst of Jefferson Airplane (1970) was their personalized twist on the traditional hits collection. Culled from the six albums they released in the 1960's, it contains the band's best-known songs, but they also incorporated an acoustic instrumental, a raging live track and an experimental piece to represent the many threads that had come together to weave their rich, revolutionary musical tapestry. The Worst has always been the best single-disc introduction to the timeless artistry of Jefferson Airplane. With two more tracks added for this expanded edition, it's even better.

1. It's No Secret
2. Blues From An Airplane
3. Somebody To Love
4. Today
5. White Rabbit
6. Embryonic Journey
7. Martha
8. The Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil
9. Watch Her Ride - BONUS TRACK
10. Greasy Heart - BONUS TRACK
11. Crown Of Creation
12. Chushingura
13. Lather
14. Plastic Fantastic Lover
15. Good Shepherd
16. We Can Be Together
17. Volunteers


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