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In 1957 or '58 we did a song called "Keep on Truckin' Mama" and there was a line it which "What's that smell like fish oh Baby" and the answer,obvious at the time seemed to be Hot Tuna! On this project we're dealing with an excursion into the rarified but non-exclusive atmosphere of TunaWorld! It is a live album with no overduds and has some of the finest new material we've recorded in 23 years. Come on along and finish our Sweetwater trip together!

Includes previously Unreleased tracks
"Trial By Fire"
"Too Many Years"
"Walkin' Blues" &
"Folsom Prison Blues"
Newly Remastered Live Show From 1992

Song Title

1. Hesitation Blues
2. Dime For Beer
3. Trial By Fire 4:30
4. Death Don't Have No Mercy
5. 99 Year Blues
6. San Francisco Bay Blues
7. Too Many Years
8. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
9. Ain't Got No Home (With Happy Traum)
10. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (With Bob Weir)
11. Walkin' Blues
12. Third Week In The Chelsea
13. My AK-47
14. Parchman Farm
15. Folsom Prison Blues

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