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A super-cool set of 40 cards in a nifty gift box depicting all of R. CRUMB s unforgettable WEIRDO cover art (both published and unpublished). The back side of most cards feature bios, images, and Freaky Factoids relating to the legion of other underground and outlaw cartoonists besides Crumb himself who contributed to WEIRDO, including DREW FRIEDMAN, JUSTIN GREEN, KIM DEITCH, ALINR KOMINSKY-CRUMB, CAROL TYLER, PETER BAGGE, DORI SEDA, JIM WOODRING, S. CLAY WILSON, MARY FLEENER, BOB ARMSTRONG, SPAIN RODRIGUEZ, STANISLAV SZUKALSKI, JOHN HOLMSTROM, J.D. KING, JULIE DOUCET, HARVEY PEKAR, MARK ZINGARELLI, DIANE NOOMIN, PHOEBE GLOECKNER, KAZ, and STILL others! A perfect companion to the acclaimed Last Gasp book on WEIRDO magazine written and designed by Jon B. Cooke, the same Eisner Award-winning guy who assembled this card set! R. CRUMB s WEIRDO CARD SET is identical in format to R. Crumb s other three boxed card sets: Heroes of the Blues, Early Jazz Greats, and Pioneers of Country Music, all from Denis Kitchen Publishing, which you may already be familiar with. The Weirdo card sets contain 40 trading cards (+ 3 bonus cards) in a nifty 3 x 4 x 7/8 box. The Weirdo cards are co-published by Denis Kitchen Publishing & Graphitti Designs.

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