Songs and Stories with the Book

Level 2/3

My workshop will include Licks & Tricks that may snap up some of the tunes you already play as well as allow you to add a unique twist to compositions you may be working on.

If you would like to tackle any song that I have recorded, just ask and it will be done.

My “style” or “sound” came to me by “listening, watching  and having players I admired share a little time with me, basically that is “the folk music process”.

Repetitive use of fingering techniques & chords in a number of songs that I will teach, helps players when attempting to learn something that is new to them.  I believe that one song should always lead into another.

Over the years, I have learned what I know by spending time with some of the creaters of what we now call Country Blues & Ragtime Guitar. Rev. Gary Davis,  Pink Anderson and a host of other pre-war recording artists gave me the tools to create & adapt “The Past”  into something new and exciting for  “The Present & The Future”.

I start with no pre-planned lesson plan!  The workshop will follow the needs and desires of the students. Sharing my knowledge and experiences with you is the most satisfying aspect of what I do and have done for the past 50 years.

My hope is that this workshop will open doors and lead you to carry on as well as to add to the tradition of the music we all love and admire.

As The Rev. Gary Davis used to say, “You’ll go home with something you didn’t bring with you.”

PS: I do not read or write “music”.  However tabs & music notation are available on my DVDs and my Listen & Learn Book will be available at The Fur Peace Ranch.

PPS: Audio taping of each day is ok and encouraged

  • 08/09/19 – 08/12/19
  • Songs and Stories with the Book
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Country Blues Licks and Tricks

Level 2/3

Don’t worry folks. My class at The Fur Peace Ranch is right for you! Some pickers were shy to sign up for my class in the past, but when they finally did sign up, they were amazed at what they learned. They went home with a lot more than they arrived with! The students had fun, met new friends and shared their love of “finger picking the blues'” with like minded folks.

I have never considered myself a “guitar wizard”, or one of the greats. I cannot teach you to become either. But I can help you along on your journey and as we go along, together, help you create that allusion that you are a pretty amazing player.

When you learn 3 or 4 ways to make a chord and learn to ‘connect the dots”, the simplest song can appear to be a masterpiece. It does not take long to feel like you are improvising and making your own new arrangement to songs you have played for years.

I have plenty of tricks & licks, learned from the Old Blues Masters that I gladly will pass on to you. You’ll hear plenty of stories & songs of how my style developed over the years & I’m sure that I will learn plenty from you as well.

After our classes, I will always be around the porch, ready to help you out, answer questions and just hang out….. If you need a private session “after school’, just ask, I am there for you. I consider my time at The Ranch to be a blessing which has enriched my life in many ways!

Hope to see you there , It’s goin’ to be quite a time.  I’m looking forward to it as I do every year!

About Roy Book Binder

Roy has the goods: the original, the bare-knuckle, the low-down blues. Who can say they were friends with the Rev. Gary Davis and Pink Anderson? And toured with Arthur Big Boy Crudup, Hot Tuna & Bonnie Raitt? Roy can. He has the stories, the licks, and the mystery of timeless music in his fingers. He’s been featured on a PBS special and interviewed by Terry Gross on “Fresh Air.” He’s also a regular at Fur Peace Ranch, where he teaches along with Jorma Kaukonen and others. When he brings his ‘Tour Bus’ to town, a one-man blues-fest ensues. He plays and he entertains, feeding us music and stories, and the evening is a celebration for us all. We’re privileged to have Roy here to preserve–and extend—the tradition of great American blues music.

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