Hours: Wed-Fri 12pm-5pm

Psylodelic Gallery

The Psylodelic Gallery is a center for art & culture, nestled on the grounds of Fur Peace Ranch. It houses Jorma’s personal collections of artifacts, photographs & posters from his long career as a musician from Jefferson Airplane to Hot Tuna. The Psylo also hosts ever-revolving art shows from artist reflecting the Summer of Love era.        Hours: Wed-Fri 12pm-5pm

The Art of Robin Silver

The art of Robin Silver, showing in March of 2019 through summer 2019. Robin uses instruments as canvas and collages beautiful, colorful works reflecting the music that inspires her sculptural pieces. See Psylo hours to view and also upcoming date for a meet and greet with Robin coming soon.

Jefferson Airplane Posters

The Psylodelic Gallery houses a large number of original Jefferson Airplane posters that spans their career in music.


The Art of Jerry Garcia

The Psylodelic Gallery has a permanent collection of originals and prints of the art of Jerry Garcia. The artwork is a special endowment from the Jerry Garcia Foundation and is our honor to have these in our collection.

The Company Store

The Psylodelic Gallery also serves as the home to the FPR Company Store, where you can peruse merchandise from The Psylodelic Gallery, Fur Peace Ranch, Jorma, Hot Tuna and more!


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