Breaking Through

Level 3/4

Every guitarist has his or her ceiling that keeps them from breaking through to the next level of artistry. Pat Donohue’s course, Breaking Through, focuses on breaking down those finger style barriers by identifying the areas of playing that are limiting us and improving them through a study of timeless concepts such as chord inversions, one, two and three note scales, common chord sequences, blues, country and jazz turnarounds, and tons of licks designed to get you creating your own sound. Add to this some right hand picking techniques and patterns and off you go! These musical devices are immediately applicable to your playing of any tune, from blues and country to standards to Beatles and beyond. Examples by legendary players from Chet Atkins and Wes Montgomery, to Blind Blake and Big Bill Broonzy will illuminate the way as we break through to more beautiful and satisfying guitar playing.

  • 08/21/20 — 08/24/20
  • Breaking Through
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About Pat Donohue

Pat has been obsessed with the guitar since he first picked one up at age twelve and began learning simple chords and melodies from a Pete Seeger instructional book. His background as a drummer in a garage rock band helped with the transition and he never looked back. As a youth, the St. Paul, Minnesota native pestered guitarists playing at Twin Cities coffee houses and blues venues, seeking tips on playing. Borrowing bits and pieces of the styles of finger picking pioneers he admired, he taught himself to play, building a repertoire flavored by Blind Blake, Django Reinhart and Chet Atkins.

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