Chet and Merle for All

Level 3

Chet Atkins and Merle Travis were two of the most influential finger pickers ever and their styles are a fountain of inspiration for all who followed. In this class we will dissect the similar playing styles of these two artists with an eye toward the practical application of how their guitar tricks can work for everyone in many types of music.

The right hand alternating thumb, or Travis Picking, as it has come to be called, is the basis of American fingerpicking guitar. The development of this skill is a process which will be taught as well as all the slight variations that bring it to life, including the alternating thumb and “pinch” and “stagger” patterns as well as pull offs and hammer ons that make up so much of the style.

The many left hand fretboard moves of these guitar heroes and others will also be covered, including bass lines, string bending, chord progressions, chord melodies, triads, position playing, harmonics and other licks and tricks of these masters and will be studied and applied to classic tunes such as “I’ll See You In My Dreams”, “I Am A Pilgrim”, and “Avalon”, among others. However, the purpose of this class will not be repertoire, but rather how these time honored musical devices can be used in your own guitar playing, and in many songs and styles.

  • 08/09/19 – 08/12/19
  • Chet and Merle for All
  • FULL
  • This workshop is currently FULL. Please fill out an application to be added to the wait list. No deposit required.


Pat has been obsessed with the guitar since he first picked one up at age twelve and began learning simple chords and melodies from a Pete Seeger instructional book. His background as a drummer in a garage rock band helped with the transition and he never looked back. As a youth, the St. Paul, Minnesota native pestered guitarists playing at Twin Cities coffee houses and blues venues, seeking tips on playing. Borrowing bits and pieces of the styles of finger picking pioneers he admired, he taught himself to play, building a repertoire flavored by Blind Blake, Django Reinhart and Chet Atkins.

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