American Roots Songbook – The Journey Continues

Level 2/3

This workshop will continue the tradition of Spencer Bohren’s “Roots Americana” workshops. We’ll continue our journey down the American Roots trail, where the road is long and the well is deep. Songs will come from traditional and contemporary sources covering blues, folk, country and more. I’ve been playing guitar for many years and I have learned how to add flavor and style to the simplest of songs to make them shine and sound wonderful. For me the important aspects of playing are dynamics, tone, rhythm and groove, timing and taste. The songs will be our vehicle for learning all of these elements.

I will be teaching songs that are fun and accessible. For this class I will play the song first time around…break it down on the second go round and we’ll all be playing the song together next time through. We’ll all be playing and singing together real nice in this workshop. We’ll keep to the fundamental, focusing on how less is more and how to make the most out of the less. Minimalist ideas and playing can really bring attention to the song and we will make a study out of that concept.

”Do you want to learn how to make a song come alive on your guitar? Are you looking for songs to add to your repertoire?” This is the workshop for you! We will also discuss how to play nice with others, songwriting, vocal performance and arranging. A basic knowledge of “cowboy chords” and simple strumming patterns will be helpful…and…we are going to have a lot of fun!!!

“My friend and colleague, John Hurlbut is grounded in songs and spirit in a profoundly honest way. He invites all of us to enter the room and sit by the hearth as we join his story. Having played with him as much as I have over the years I can say that I know of no one who’s right hand (picking hand) functions in the same way that John’s does. On some levels it is minimalistic but it leaves nothing unsaid. I love playing with him and you will too.”  – Jorma Kaukonen

    • 05/01/20 – 05/04/20
    • American Roots Song
    • FULL

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About John Hurlbut

Feel free to check out John’s recent performance on our Fur Peace TV. His introduction starts at the time code 1:29.16.

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