Get A Double Dose of Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen with a Special Acoustic Duo Workshop!

Level 2/3

A special Fur Peace Ranch class for serious guitar and bass students. Jorma and Jack will combine their teaching efforts and give this rare guitar/bass class. Guitar and bass classes will be held separately at times, other times the classes will join up for a unique duo workshop that brings together the music the classes have worked on.

If you want to learn the secrets of this dynamic duo’s 50+ career….this is your chance.

Open to guitar and bass players. An equal number of each will be accepted. Don’t miss this opportunity!

  • Double Dose (VIRTUAL)
  • 04/09/21 — 04/12/21
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Level 3

I will be teaching my technique of using an overdriven tube amplifier for dynamic use and effects in an electric band and recording format. The application of amplifier sustain, distortion, and chordal use in such environments. I’ll be touching on my own musical philosophy and talking about my favorite tube amps.

In my early years I was absorbing so many kinds of music – in the folk scene and in country blues. Luckily enough, I wasn’t pigeonholed into hearing everything from the bass player’s ear. When I got to California and joined the Jefferson Airplane, the people in the band all came from drastically different musical backgrounds and influences. It was the perfect time to start writing my own stuff, implementing things I was hearing in my head about how to use the bass range on any given song. My tone has been my signature and I’ll be showing you how to find or perfect yours in this class. I’ve been wanting to teach this class for years and might just be more excited than my students.

Requirements: students will need to bring a SMALL TUBE amplifier for use in class.
A Hollow body bass is preferable for desired sonic response.

Limited to 8 students.


Water From A Stone: Master Class

Level 4

This class will offer up a unique blend of bass styles, techniques and repertoire choices that will help you in developing your own bass parts to support the singer and the song. I will teach you how to play your bass so it supports the songs in such a way that the front person is free to be interpretive and with your accompaniment, the song becomes a finished piece. Be prepared to learn material from me that you will be able to deliver fluidly in a duo setting or with a band.

  • Water From A Stone: Master Class
  • 11/12/21 — 11/15/21
  • Apply Now!
  • This workshop is currently full. Please fill out an application to be added to the wait list. No deposit required.

About Jack Casady

Several generations of music fans are awed by the innovative bass playing of the legendary Jack Casady. A native of Washington D.C., John William Casady was playing lead guitar in that city’s clubs while in his early teens. In 1965, having switched to bass, he joined boyhood friend Jorma Kaukonen in San Francisco and became a founding member of the Jefferson Airplane. He played bass on sessions for Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland album of 1968; his work appears on the track “Voodoo Chile” . He played occasionally with the Grateful Dead, and Country Joe and the Fish. Jack and Jorma founded Hot Tuna in 1970, and have toured under that name, through a long list of band members and a wide range of styles, for more than 35 years. In June 2003 Jack released his first solo album, Dream Factor. Electric Hot Tuna released their latest CD, Steady As She Goes, in 2010. Jack is highly regarded for his thoughtful and incisive teaching at the Fur Peace Ranch.


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