Woody’s Workshop: Expanding the Traditions

Level 3

Woody’s workshop picks up the themes of his previous Fur Peace sessions. Through learning repertoire from traditional country blues, ragtime, early jazz and contemporary arrangements, the class offers a practical toolbox of techniques for developing fingerstyle technique including ways to create variations in a tune, syncopated picking, playing chord melodies, and understanding the logic of the fretboard. Woody will be teaching new material from his other FPR classes including the arrangements of Blind Blake, Scrapper Blackwell, Lonnie Johnson, Eddie Lang, as well as his original compositions. The range of the styles illustrates how the techniques of the early masters can be applied to contemporary fingerstyle playing and jazz approaches. In addition to learning new tunes, the goal is to develop a pallet of musical tools for breaking out of ruts and use long after the workshop is over. Woody’s workshop is a good follow-up for repeat offenders and a great entry to new students who are comfortable with the basics and would like to take their playing to the next level.

  • 05/11/18 - 05/14/18
  • Woody’s Workshop
  • FULL

Instrumentally Speaking: The Lessons of the Reverend

Level 3

This special workshop focuses on learning new instrumentals and developing practical approaches for creating variations within an arrangement. Woody will teach how the lessons of Reverend Gary Davis provide such a solid foundation for learning the basics of chord melody, chord progressions, the logic of fretboard, and developing a rhythmic, syncopated piano-style approach to fingerpicking. The class will center on learning the ragtime and gospel music of the Reverend as well as a Woody’s own blues & jazz inflected fingerstyle compositions. Woody will break down the complexities into a workable and practical music pallet of techniques to expand your playing and get deeper in to your own sound. Davis’ tunes provide the basics but they are also a great "jumping off" point - as Davis used to say - for more experienced players. Woody teaches the way the Reverend taught him; patiently with an understanding of what you are playing. There will be a lot of great new tunes in this session. Woody will also play the tapes from his lessons with the Reverend – a fascinating insight into Davis’ music and teaching.

Connecting the Dots: The Reverend’s Music

Level 3

Reverend Gary Davis’ guitar work puts it all together – a swinging syncopated picking style with a sophisticated approach to chords and melodies. Learning his repertoire of ragtime, gospel and folk tunes is a complete lesson for fingerstyle guitar. It offers near beginners a solid foundation to build on and more experienced players a great pallet for exploring new ideas and breaking out of ruts. In addition to learning new repertoire, the session also covers practical ways of creating variations, new chord positions, and developing a rhythmic picking style. Woody teaches the way the Reverend taught him; slowly and patiently, breaking down each tune so you understand what you are playing and can progress to the next level. Woody will present new repertoire from previous Fur Peace Reverend Davis sessions (including one or two of Davis’ unrecorded gems), as well as his original Davis inspired fingerstyle compositions. There’s no better guitar teacher than the Reverend.

Fingerstyle From The Roots

Level 2/3

This workshop will focus on practical approaches for developing fingerstyle technique through learning new repertoire of country blues, ragtime, gospel and early jazz tunes including the arrangements of Reverend Gary Davis, Blind Blake, Lonnie Johnson, Eddie Lang as well as Woody’s originals.

Woody de-constructs each piece and breaks down the complexities into a “toolbox” of techniques for understanding the logic of the fret board, creating simple chord melody ideas, developing a syncopated picking style, getting a good sound, and ways to “play off” the chords to create your own variations within a tune. The goal is to understand what you are playing and create a solid foundation to build on.

This special workshop is a “best of” Woody’s previous Fur Peace offerings and designed for students who would like to take their playing to the next level and add some great tunes to their repertoire.

Blues Roots & Beyond: Chord Melodies and Variations

Level 3

This workshop is a continuation of the ideas Woody has taught in previous Fur Peace sessions. Presented will be new repertoire of blues, ragtime and early jazz tunes including the arrangements of Reverend Gary Davis, Blind Blake, Eddie Lang as well as a few originals. Woody will break down the complexities and offer a “toolbox” for developing simple chord melody ideas, syncopated picking, playing with dynamics and understanding the logic of the fret board. He will also illustrate how the techniques of traditional blues can be the basis for playing many other styles. This session will focus on understanding what you are playing and developing practical approaches for creating variations within a tune. And you’ll be learning a few great arrangements in the process.


About Woody Mann

Woody Mann began his guitar career as a youngster at the feet of the legendary Rev. Gary Davis. Mann complemented the tutelage of Rev. Davis with formal training at New York’s celebrated Juilliard School. He also studied with noted Chicago-born pianist Lennie Tristano, who introduced him to jazz. Mann has pursued a rich and diverse career, which ranges from playing with jazz great Attila Zoller, accompanying songwriter Dory Previn, and teaching guitar to legendary recording artist Paul Simon. He has recorded extensively and performed everywhere from the orchestra pits of Broadway to festivals, clubs and concert stages worldwide. He has also taught numerous workshops and schooled countless guitarists through his acclaimed books and DVDs including the series The Art of Acoustic Blues Guitar, The Complete Robert Johnson, The Blues Fakebook, and the recently published Lisboa -- the Guitar Of Woody Mann, a collection of his original compositions.



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