Inside Blues Guitar

Level 2/3

Ever feel like you know where to put your fingers but it just doesn’t sound right? Ever feel like you’re just repeating the same old licks? In this fun and relaxed workshop, Geoff Achison helps students to find the essence of the blues. A highly regarded musician with many years of performing experience, Geoff specialises in creating unique, impromptu solos and creative rhythm guitar parts. Focussing on basic blues structures, you’ll discover how amazing music can be made - even with the simplest of scales! This is a workshop for heart & soul as much as the fingers!


About Geoff Achison

Australian blues/roots artist Geoff Achison began his world travels in the mid-90’s when he won the Memphis Blues Foundation’s ‘Albert King Award’ and scored a ‘Gibson’ guitars endorsement deal.

He has since toured and recorded extensively around the USA, Europe and Australia performing and recording both as a solo acoustic artist and with his band, The Souldiggers. In 2008 he made Guitar Player magazine’s ‘Top 10 Hot New Guitarists’ list and has won numerous awards for his guitar playing, songwriting and performance skills.

Geoff’s electric blues workshops are relaxed and informal affairs where he engages his students in friendly conversation discussing their mutual love of music and desire to master their chosen instrument. With his enormous wealth of playing experience he specialises in exploring techniques that can help musicians to get the most out of their instrument without getting bogged down in mountains of theory.

Geoff performs his electric music with his trademark PRS and is currently endorsing Cole-Clark acoustic guitars in Australia and Lichty acoustic guitars in the USA.



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