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The emphasis is on the pure enjoyment of singing and playing and getting the absolute best out of your onstage performance. No prior knowledge of harmony or performance experience is necessary to become proficient at learning how to harmonize with groups of two or more voices or sing solo. This course is ideal for the singer/guitarist seeking to enhance the blend between both  instruments. “Think of every room you will be presenting your talent in as your 'living room.' When people come to your house, do you perform for them, or do you entertain them? You entertain them. You make every effort to make them feel comfortable and welcomed. If you approach your audiences in this manner, you will become an entertainer.“ says Dave, revealing one of his trade secrets.

You will learn how to select songs that best showcases your voice and musicianship and then how to prepare yourself to execute them before an audience. Whether you suffer from stage anxiety or outright fear of presenting yourself before an audience, Dave will show you exercises that can reduce the stress and allow you to appreciate your own performance. You will discover how to use the power of fear as an engine to drive you forward to greatness, rather than allow it to hold you back from the enjoyment making music can bring to you and your audience. By course end Dave will show you how to best connect your voice with your soul by drawing on the essence of your personality to help you select material  that will allow you to express yourself. In a non-competitive, non-judgmental atmosphere, you learn how to share your spirit with others, a crucial step in letting yourself relax, become an effective communicator and embrace the art of entertaining.

Included with the course is Dave’s easy read booklet “Mastering The Art Of Live Entertainment,“ which outlines the various aspects that goes into preparing yourself for a concert performance ( five or more songs). You will learn how to first select a collection of songs that best showcases your abilities, how to arrange them so one song leads smoothly into the next and weaves a musical story, how to “work the stage,” (you’re not a tree rooted in once spot), audience interaction, how to get the best out of the tech crew on the gig, and much more.

  • 08/10/18 - 08/13/18
  • Mastering the Art of Live Entertainment
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About Dave Revels

Dave Revels, is an entertainer with over three decades of experience. In The mid to late eighties he was a member of the Hall Of Fame group, The Drifters, which featured two original members, Charlie Thomas and Elsbeary Hobbs. He has toured world-wide and is currently the lead singer and record arranger/producer for internationally acclaimed a cappella group, The Persuasions. He is an author and songwriter. His song, "Stand Up America", hailed by many as a contemporary national anthem, has been featured in shows nationwide has been the theme song for fundraiser and special events for the Armed Forces and relief events for Hurricane victims in New Orleans and Haiti. Dave's Stand Up America "One World" Children's Choral group has performed at these events including appearances at New York Mets stadium.

Dave has over 20 years experience in developing theme shows and 50's and 60's style productions. He has produced or written songs for shows in Las Vegas, Nevada (Sahara Hotel & Casino - "Love Potion #10" and the finale song for a rock and roll show that played in Las Vegas for over 7 years). Dave has also created and produced Christmas shows in Atlantic City (Resorts Hotel & Casino, The Sands, Tropicana). When not performing with The Persuasions, Dave tours the nation with his hit production show, Standing In The Shadows Of The Four Tops. His latest self-penned solo album is entitled "Family Ties." For more information:



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